Naked Run 2: 5k Naked Run

Running naked is a wonderful feeling. The only problem is when you start, you cannot wear shirt and short anymore. Nothing comes as close as complete freedom as running naked. A great read!

Naked Running

5k Naked Run, Naturist Foundation, Orpington, Kent
May 2015

Having only started running at age 49 (two years prior), and having worked up from that starting point to comfortably running 5 to 7 k per run, two to three times per week, I was ready for my first timed 5k run.

Or was I?

After the naked running experience in the Algarve, I joined two naturist-friendly social networks to further investigate the experience of natural naturism and potentially participate in social nudity. That was nearly nine months earlier and suddenly I saw posted in the events page of a 5k naked run at the Naturist Foundation. Was I ready to combine a timed run, a naked run and social nudity, all in one experience? For me, a shy naturist, it was a big leap:

  • A physical running challenge.
  • A timed run.
  • A naked run with other people.

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